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Breaking News: Kim Kardashian settles Law suit against GAP for using Melissa Molinaro

Kim Kardashian  $20 million lawsuit against The Gap over an Old Navy TV commercial that featured a similar-looking brunette Actress/ Singer named Melissa Molinaro. However this case never reached any significant ruling before coming to a resolution.

What the case did bring was a lot of personal drama.

After  the lawsuit was filed, attorneys for Old Navy parent The Gap were aggressive in the discovery phase, launching an investigation to see if Kim K’s reputation had been tarnished . During the time when Old Navy commercial was cast, Molinaro was reportedly dating one of Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends, football star Reggie Bush, who was one of the people The Gap wanted to depose.

The Gap had also sought information about why the clothing retailer Bebe decided to drop its Kardashian clothing line, financial records concerning Kardashian’s clothing deals, and further information about “Kim Kardashian’s reputation as a singer and dancer.”

with all that being said, this means that Gap won’t attempt to show that Kardashian couldn’t support her claims that the commercial damaged her brand value nor that Kim Kardashian couldn’t sing and dance as well as Molinaro. It will also mean that Kardashian’s lawyers won’t call to testify members of the media who reported about Old Navy’s marketing plans as well as members of the public who maybe weren’t confused by the advertisement.

Instead the lawsuit has been settled privately after the two sides engaged a mediator, Daniel Weinstein, who has experience resolving high profile cases. The terms of the settlement aren’t yet known, but the Old Navy commercial in question appears to have been taken down on YouTube, surviving only in all the news reports on the subject.

We reached out to Molinaro’s reps who are yet to comment  .

This story is still developing………


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